Study Profile : Twin Brook Creamery

Larry Stap of Twin Brook Creamery describes farming as enjoyable, but such hard work. There’s nothing like working with the animals. The main challenge to farming is people because they impose taxes, regulation, and policy. But they also want cheap food. Still, some people are willing to pay more – for quality. Larry Stap is against subsidies as are many farmers because subsidies usually have strings attached and create dependence on government. Larry says that in order for farms to be resilient they have to try something new, as they did – with high-quality, nonhomogenized milk in glass bottles – a great example of effective product differentiation. But there is hope! Education for policy makers, education for the public as to the value of farm products. As Larry says, the best way to help farms is to get educated, talk to a farmer, go to the farm. Don’t rely on second hand information.

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