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Here, we hope to present a wide range of viewpoints – in academic literature, professional magazines, op-ed pieces, blogs. Our observations are meant to be provocative, and to invite commentary. Thus, we are launching the website with these pieces.

Farmers Defining Threats to Farming and Resilience:

Resilience in Agriculture: Small- and Medium-Sized Farms in Northwest Washington State by Bryant Hammond, Gigi Berardi and Rebekah Green, in Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, Volume 37, Issue 3, 2013

Exploring the Concept of “Slow Food”:



Farm-to-Table Resilient Food Systems (in Whatcom County)
Marine (and other) Foraging….Jennifer Hahn
Fourth Corner Slow Food…Lisa Dailey
Wise Traditions in Food….Daravan
Acme Food & Kitchen….Cara Piscitello…
And Gigi Berardi


Stability, Sustainability, and Catastrophe: Applying Resilience Thinking to U.S. Agriculture
Dr. Gigi Berardi, Dr. Rebekah Green, and Byrant Hammond, Resilience Institute, Western Washington University

This is the “think piece” we wrote on resilience, looking at U.S. agriculture and comparing it to the case study of Katrina and its aftermath. Clearly, U.S. policy on a number of levels has been geared towards bolstering stability (of prices) rather than building resilience and adaptive capacity.  From bureaucratic jungles to absentee “farmers/investors” buying up fertile farm land, from urbanization pressures to loopholes in the organic rule allowing contaminated inputs, farmers are increasingly vulnerable and farms are at risk.

Don’t be too picky in courting new Whatcom jobs, says WWU economist
John Stark, Bellingham Herald

In this controversial article, Western Washington University economist Hart Hodges discusses the economic recovery potential of “local” jobs, which inevitably includes agriculture. Big, small – all kinds of operations are welcome, as long as they are “environmentally friendly.” 

The Era of Small and Many
Bill McKibben, Orion Magazine

Bill McKibben argues that the key to resilience is with “the world of the small and many.” This begs the question, what exactly is “small?”

The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri-intellecturals
Blake Hurst, The American – the online magazine of the American Enterprise Institute

Dairy farmer Troy Lenssen provided this essay, which states that much of what we’re hearing these days from food critics and activists is not new. Author Blake Hurst argues that the bottom line is consumers want cheap food, and, well, cheap food is what they’re getting. It is a counter to the “agri-intellectual” position that some of us take.

Resilient Farms Nourishing Food
Gigi Berardi, blog

Gigi Berardi started a blog in late 2010 to present ideas about resilient food systems, systems that are both adaptive and appropriately valued. Also, ideas about foods produced from such systems.

Bounce Back
Resilience Institute blog, 2007-2009

Earlier Berardi blogs on food and agriculture can be found at the Resilience Institute’s blog.